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Headstand Demo

So this is a mini video demo of Headstand Sequence. There are several ways to get into headstand pose but the most important part is supporting the head properly and having a straight alignment as possible. Be sure to Like. Share. Subscribe if you'd like to see more mini-demo videos like this one!
Featured: 3/4 Leggings | Racerback Bra
Music FKA X Twigs 'Water Me'

316am Yoga Flow Simple Things

A rainy afternoon is the perfect time to relax with a quick yoga flow and neo-soul playlist.


The Brand Story

The brand story behind Perspectives Yoga Wear the latest in women's yoga wear fashion.



Brickell Fashion Market Clips

Intercontinental Hotel Miami, Florida. Check out clips from our latest trade show Sunday February 21, 2016. Miami Intercontinental Hotel the Brickell Fashion Market. Perspectives Yoga Wear has runway show and booth.


Coach Johnna & Perspectives Yoga Team Up

Fit and Flexible Video Series

Coach Johnna Matthews, (former co-owner of Can't Stop Fitness) and Perspectives Yoga Team Up for the Fit and Flexible Video Series for Arms Abs and Leg excercises that will get you ready for the summer or any workout.


Arm Sculpting

Ultimate Legs

Ultimate Abs

Find more on Coach Johnna here,