About Us

Perspectives Yoga Wear is a women's athletic wear and lifestyle brand. We are an online retailer with retailers and affiliates in Miami, Florida, Richmond, VA and in the Washington D.C. metro area. Perspectives Yoga Wear (PY) is a collection of high quality, vibrantly colored leggings, 3/4 capris and sports bras. The prints are custom designed from the artwork of the owner and operator Jemea Kingsby. They are developed using high quality compression material created to flatter all women, of all shapes and curves.

As a lifestyle brand, PY promotes healthy living, fitness, mental and emotional wellness through inspirational and motivational mentions on our blog and social media feeds. PY is constantly looking for new perspectives, that emphasize making every woman feel beautiful in their own skin.

Our mission is to encourage people to use their own innate passion to serve others on their journey to success. Seek a new perspective, find balance in life, pursue passion and awaken real joy. Get Fit. Get Fierce. Get Perspective.

About the Owner

jemea_kingsby_perspectives_yogawearJémea  (pronounced JIM-e-ya) opened Perspectives Yoga Wear in February 2015. She created the line after a series of life-changing trials that led her to change her perspective. Jémea is devoted to helping women see the beauty within themselves through promoting balance, self-love and self-respect. You’ll see this mission designed right into the logo ‘RSPECT’.

Jémea holds degrees in Graphic Design and Fashion Merchandising. Utilizing her background in the creative arts, she has worked in luxury brand marketing for various industries from cosmetics to plastic surgery obtaining knowledge of both on- and off-line branding strategies. She has paired her knowledge of marketing with a passion for fitness and fashion into Perspectives Yoga Wear. To date, Perspectives Yoga Wear has clientele reaching from Malaysia, Germany, South Africa, Canada and across the United States. 

published a 20-page workbook Gettin' Fierce: Steps into a Positive Mindset written to assist young women in finding their purpose in October 2016. She is also a contributing writer for YogaLife Magazine Malaysia with her first magazine article published in the April/May 2017 issue, Getting Perspective with Yoga

Jémea continues her passion for aiding others in finding their own perspective through various volunteer efforts for local charities.

For more information or inquiries email: getperspective@perspectivesyoga.com.


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