Yoga Wear vs. Supplex what's the difference?

activewear leggings supplex yoga yoga pants

yoga wear vs supplex leggings

Perspectives Yoga Wear recently introduced the Colombian Supplex collection into the line of activewear. Today we're diving into what the difference between the two collections are so and how you can get the best for your needs. Here's the breakdown:

Perspectives custom collection of Yoga Wear is a high quality blend polyester and spandex. The blend is created for a smooth second skin feeling, lightweight, breathability. The wearer is able to bend, stretch and float with ease. The lighter weight and poly-blend also allows for a lower cost while still maintaining a quality product. These are ideal for yoga, pilates, ballet, dance, and hot summertime fitness.

The Colombian Supplex Collection is a high quality fabric blend using nylon and spandex. Supplex while still soft to the touch, has a very thick viscosity. This makes it ideal for higher impact fitness, weight lifting, cross fit, long distance running, kickboxing and even cooler outdoor activities. Supplex hugs the body, never fades, and bounces back to its original shape.

Both products provide air-wicking qualities and allow the wearer to work at maximum strength. It is a personal preference in which of the two high quality leggings you'd prefer. Try a pair for yourself...Shop All Activewear »

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