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Hey Beautiful, Welcome to Perspectives Yoga Wear

We sell a lifestyle recipe promoting self-respect and extending that respect to others with a sprinkle of empowerment, a few dashes of strength and topped with a cherry of positivity all packaged into really cool leggings, tops and sports bras that reflect your amazing self!

You don’t come to Perspectives Yoga Wear because you need a new pair of leggings, a matter of fact, if that’s all you need than this probably isn’t the brand for you. But, if you have a story to tell, you broke through your own glass ceiling, and you strive to walk the path to your personal greatness, then welcome home.

It's 2019, so start your year off with self-love and self-respect. You'll see that mission designed right into the logo, 'RSPECT'.

Some top features of our yoga wear include drawstrings in every waistband, perfect to cinch and secure your waist, removable bra cups and select designs with mesh inset for extra flexibility in the legs. Perfect for women of all curves and sizes.

Also, check out the Gettin' Fierce: Steps into a Positive Mindset digital workbook to inspire or the #GetPerspective blog articles on topics from self-improvement, meal prep to yoga practices.

Get Fit. Get Fierce. Get Perspective.

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Perspectives Yoga Wear has been featured in a variety of fashion blogs, subscription boxes and Pop Up shops. Stretching from Miami to L.A. the U.K and Malaysia. Read More on PY Press